CABLING 4D (for Design) is the specific application to design electrical harnesses and cables in many areas, both like wiring diagram and like harness layout.


CABLING 4P (for Production) is the specific application to aid production of harnesses through automatic cutting, stripping and crimping machine.


CABLING 4T (for Testing) is the application that provides information to the electrical testing systems, especially in the automotive and avionics areas.


SpeedHarness is the Cabling 4D module to re-engineer the layout of an harness starting from a drawing or an image result of a previous project.

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Planning electrical harnesses from a functional and constructive point of view is no longer difficult with Cabling.

Cabling products are related to the design of electrical harnesses in several application fields. The products developed by high-specialized professionals on Automation Industry that know the needs and specifications of the field satisfy all the customer needs and facilitates the design and processing of the harnesses by means of the specialized features.

We are convinced that a good wiring diagram along with a harness layout (even complex or simple), are the elements required to document completely the project; it facilitates the information flow between the different company departments, the management of the changes and the production according to the specifications.

The main product is CABLING 4D (FOR DESIGN), the CAD system devoted to the design and documentation of electrical harnesses at its seventh version.

CABLING 4P (FOR PRODUCTION) was developed for the organization and delivery of the information created by CABLING 4D to the production floor, in particular to the Cutting/Peeling/Crimping machines.

CABLING 4T (FOR TESTING) is a product (under development) that will allow the information transfer between CABLING 4D and the testing department for the automatic testing systems.

SpeedHarness is a Cabling 4D module to process the harness layout using the report created on a previous design.

All CABLING products line could be customized according to your needs so you purchase not only a high-performance tool, but a Software that can be tailored according to your requirements.


Some of the services offered are:  
  • Design of electrical schemes for harnesses 
  • Production of electrical harnesses 
  • Design of electrical harnesses
  • Development of AutoCAD Add-Ons 
  • Software for electrical harnesses 

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