CAD.Able develops Software solutions for the design in CAD environment in several industries: automotive, railway, naval, machinery, household goods, earthmoving and handling tools and machines,  and many others. These development activities created Cabling which is an innovative CAD Software that allows the design, analysis and documentation of the electrical harnesses in the different sectors with a huge saving in time and human resources.
Ad hoc application development
Often, in the CAD design industry, standard products do not meet all the users’ requirements; we are convinced that creating a specific application speeds and improves the quality of the design process.
Cabling Software contains dedicated controls and features that consent the selection of a component according to the logic of the user, speed the most critical steps in the design and create outputs tailored to the production and management needs of the user.
Our company has developed on the last years several applications and customizations, especially in the field of electrical engineering.
Our company has been in direct contact with the AutoCAD design world, extremely widespread, and has gained considerable experience on the product and the possible solutions to the industry issues.
Even if our main area is the electrical design, we have developed applications in architecture, in the design of electrical systems and in the interfacing of the drawings with external databases.
The ability to develop solutions to improve the CAD design is our core business and the main value we provide to our customers given that it speeds up and improves the overall quality of their drawing processes.
The training is primarily concerned with our Cabling product line. Our know-how and expertise is available to learn the use of the product and to identify the best way to use it according to the company reality.
Training on AutoCAD system, powerful and complete in its functionality, is the basis of the results that customers expect.
We are available to provide training services for AutoCAD on the Italian territory and through our foreign partners in other states.

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