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Four additional tools to complete CABLING 4D e 4S


This new tool allows you to:
  • Import 3D geometries from other CAD systems in Dwg, Iges and Step format
  • Draw bundles and conduits on the imported geometry
  • Insert groups at the ends of the 3D bundles
  • Complete the harness with graphic elements such as bundle coverings and connector symbols
  • Return the geometry (length of the bundles) of the harness or plant
  • Design an harness even without the relief on the vehicle or machinery and produce a visually clearer documentation.
The 3D paths can be used in two ways: as unique bundles typical of the automotive sector or as passages of multiple cables / wiring that characterize the other sectors.
In the automotive sector the 3D harnesses can be transformed into 2D harnesses while maintaining the dimensions, in the other sectors the 3D model is used to verify the 2D layout of the individual harnesses.


This set of basic tools allows you to:
  • Manage the association of the terminals with the related mini-applicator tools
  • Manage the characteristics of automatic cutting/crimping machines
  • Manage the connections of one or more harnesses desgin in Cabling 4D
  • Choose and configure the machines to be used
  • Manage all the connections by optimizing the number of wire changes and mini-applicators
  • Send the results to the cutting/crimping machines.
The basic tools are to be customized according to your needs.


This set of basic tools allows you to:
  • Manage the combination of individual materials with one or more time identifiers
  • Create the list of automatic and manual processing, handling of semi-finished products and assembly times (starting from an harness drawn in Cabling 4D)
  • Produce a file with the times divided by type and with the total production times of a harness.
In addition to the bill of materials generated by Cabling 4D you can obtain an Excel file with the estimate of production times, documents that offer a summary of costs for materials and production.
The basic tools are to be customized according to your needs.


This tool allows you to:
  • Manage the association of the connectors and terminals of the harness with their mating parts and blocks
  • Manage the characteristics of the testing machines
  • Manage, starting from an harness designed in Cabling 4D, the set of connections by automatically assigning the relative mating parts to obtain the set of testing instructions
  • Send the instructions to the testing machines.
This avoids the generation of self-learning test programs, which can also acquire possible errors.
It was developed for WEETECH testing machines, but this tool can be customized according to your needs.

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