Cabling 4D new release 2021

The new release 2021 of CABLING 4D is available

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CABLING 4D 2021 represents a leap forward in terms of potential and integration with some very important innovations:
  1. Integration with SPAC Automation
  2. Automatic drawing of a Harness layout
  3. 3D design

The objectives of the new version:
  • Many of the things already present in CABLING have been improved both in terms of ‘how to work’ and messaging. Now everything becomes easier for those beginner users, for users who use the program occasionally and for users who use it intensively, optimizing working times.
  • Our constant goal is to reduce more and more the number of clicks that the designer has to do to create a project.
  • CAD.Able continues to develop CABLING, also welcoming the requests of numerous customers, increasing the potential of the product and making it more and more complete.

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