Cabling 4D new release 2020

The new release 2020 of CABLING 4D is available

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The objectives of the new version:
  • With CABLING 2020, the use of the Panel Design tool has been developed which allows you to design panel in the desired scale by designing components, terminals, connectors, accessories, conduits and cable harnesses. The connections are single unless you want to pass a sheath. The program already proposes the correct terminals or stripping on all the components to which the connections are connected. Panel Design is available as standard in the CABLING 4D product and can be activated through the specific ToolBar.
  • The world of electrical design made with tools such as SPAC Automazione increasingly needs to share data with CABLING. In fact, it is CABLING that gives added value to the electrical project by preparing the information needed to answer this question in its archive: how should I connect an electrical element to the rest of the system? The new interface with SPAC facilitates this process. The new interface allows you to simplify and make navigation easier even in large schemes.
  • CAD.Able continues to develop CABLING also targeting the requests of numerous customers, making the product's potential grow and making it complete.
  • CABLING 2020 has increased speed, security checks, previous anomalies to guarantee the user an increasingly performing tool.
  • Some CABLING 2020 innovations have been added subsequently and are listed in the ADDITIONALS chapter. To get the news you need to update the software.

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