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CABLING 2017 is now available with the module WLF (Wire List File), aiming to increase the use of CABLING to create outputs, one of its important features.
If you do not wish to draw the harness layout with CABLING (in the case of simple harnesses or if a drawing is already available), you will still be able to  use it to automatically generate some of its outputs and to insert in the drawing (where you can import an image of the harness) the Indication of the Groups.

The module WLF reads a simple XLS file compiled by yourself containing the start and end information of the connections, colour, section and length. The file content is analyzed, material codes are verified, possible errors are signalled to finally generate the List of Connections, the Bill of Materials and Wire Cutting List.  Every user will be able to take advantage of this new module to get a result.

You can insert miniapplicators and tools for the crimping in a database using code, description, serial number and a subdivision between those to be used with automatic machines or in the 2nd level stage crimping on the desk.
For each terminal of your Cabling material database you can match one or more miniapplicators.
For each read file you can generate an output containing the list of miniapplicators usable for each terminal.

In the output List of Connections it is possible to visualize the codes of the miniapplicators matched to the terminals.
The new output '2nd stage crimping table' has been added, with the list of jobs to be done manually on the desk. The jobs of this output can be decided before by forcing the 'Finishing' department in the input file (for example for a terminal that needs to be crimped on desk because it can't be inserted in a sheet), or calculated automatically by the program if there are no miniapplicators usable in the automatic machines.
If the crimping of a terminal is provided in the '2nd stage crimping table', the wires connected to it in the 'List of Connections' output will only be visualized as stripped.

A video clip is available at youtu.be/dbQ7r4wEra8
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