Convinced that the collaborations with other companies to complete the quality of the proposals of our company, for years we have established technology partnerships and trade.
The most solid and lasting is the one with SDProget Industrial Software Almese (TO), a leader in the design automation field and electric plant.


CAD.Able collaborates with the company SDProget to customize products SPAC Automation, real bestsellers of their area. If a customer who buys SPAC want a specific solution to solve the problems of design or to generate specific output, we can take action to achieve it according to specifications determined by an appropriate analysis.

Last but not least the collaboration with WEETECH Italy, the Italian brand of most important company supplying test systems for cables, backplanes as well as electric and electronic functional subassemblies. With WEETECH Italy we are developing Cabling 4T to interface CABLING 4D with their systems.

Phema since more than 20 years has been a leader in the design and documentation of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems relating to machines and industrial plants. It is beta tester Cabling 4D and uses it internally as a design tool.

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