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CAD.Able is a company founded in Turin in 1997 that for the last 20 years has been dealing with CAD applications particularly in the electrical field.
Over the years we has developed solutions for several key customers for harness and cable management in the wiring diagrams: in 2004, taking advantage of our technical heritage, we have developed the program CABLING 4D for the design of electrical harnesses, for which a new version is released each year; it is marketed together with SDProget, Turin company's industry-leading development environment for applications in CAD.
Our strengths are:
  • Design and layout CAD applications meet the real needs of the customer to improve the design and production process in terms of time and cheap.
  • Expertise in the CAD industry and particularly in the AutoCAD world.
  • Deployment of applications and customizations in AutoCAD environment.
  • Technology partner in the SDProget Industrial Automation and Software Engineering, partners in the production KMI wiring with the company, an Italian leader in the field, and finally cooperation in the field of test systems and test harnesses with the company Weetech Italy.
  • Development and marketing of specialized products for AutoCAD.
  • Specialized training courses.

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